The religion of Saltism was founded by the Countess of Salt. The members of this religion must follow all of The Six Pillars of Saltism, which includes a pilgrimage to the mosque at 420 Green Lane, Terharakk. Members of this religion may only talk to each other, and must be silent in the presence of all other non-saltists.

Saltism Members

Khoarante (dead)
Shante, the Arch-Salt of Saltism
Countess of Salt, head of Saltism
18 misc.

Five Pillars of Saltism

Pillar One: You must be eternally salty to all non Saltists.
Pillar Two: You must be silent in the presence of non Saltists except when sharing the wisdom and grace of Saltism or instructed specifically to do otherwise.
Pillar Three: You must be ever loyal to the Countess of Salt.
Pillar Four: You must be eternally loyal, kindhearted and friendly to all other Saltists, helping them in whatever is deemed necessary, and defending them as you would yourself.
Pillar Five: You must take it upon yourself to spread the word of Saltism to all you can and be non salty while doing so, to raise your children as Saltists, and, if possible, serve under the command of the Countess of Salt, as a warrior, adviser, official priest, worker, or anything else asked upon you. You must also, if possible, make a pilgrimage of salt to the Mosque of Salt, 420 Green Lane, Terharakk, and consume the Holy Salt.


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