Khoarante (deceased)

Class – Ranger
Race – Human
Lawful Good

Khaorante is a priest who worshiped miscellaneous pagan gods and would commonly reflect in the woods where it was peaceful. In these woods, is where he first spoke to his companion Badgy, and convince him to follow him. Before the end of his life, Khaorante would convert to the religion of Saltism.

Khaorante joined the group when he was becoming a new priest at a chapel were Khrystal was bleeding out. He met The Countess of Salt and had a brief conversation with her, for he knew sign language. He followed the group as they investigated a possible serial killer. He died in an ambush and was left by the group. Badgy then abandoned him, where he randomly ran off into the woods, in the general direction of Terharakk.

Khaorante may be the shortest lived playable character in the campaign. He was also the most useless, because of his short life span.


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